To Ali & Mehmet:

It so sad that you’re gonna say goodbye for us. I started reading your blog from the start.
Box of Recollections started last November 2005 and I booked this blog Casual in Istanbul as one of my inspiration together with Ohlalablog of Steph and Alek. Your blog does not only connect people from Europe and Asia as Istanbul as its focal point but across the world. You have given us inspiration to write down our own ideas and works. And not only that, you have open your door as well for a nice friendship and encouragement.

I know that you guys loves Spain as well so i make a collage from it. Taken from the post in your blog. Indeed this is not the end as they say. Goodbye doesn’t mean forever. We will see each other soon! As promised!

Hoping you all the best and luck for your next journey. We your friends will always here to stay and wait for your coming!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Box of Recollections!

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